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Digital Modernization

Coast Guard Working to Create Software Development Foundation

Cloud migration

Coast Guard Working to Create Software Development Foundation

The U.S. Coast Guard’s cloud and data branch is building a software development foundation, an effort that involves moving systems into the cloud and improving data management to support decision-making related to application development.

In an interview for Federal Monthly Insights – Feature Management – Cyber Perspective, Jonathan White, the Coast Guard’s cloud and data branch chief commander, said the branch wants to implement DevSecOps software development practice and automate application scanning and deployment in the cloud environment. He shared that the branch is developing a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline consisting of at least 10 tools, Federal News Network reported.

White has discussed the Coast Guard’s digital transformation plan at a Red Hat symposium in November 2022. At the event, he said cloud and automation will play a key role in the modernization effort. 

According to White, the Coast Guard will build out its cloud infrastructure to move away from an on-prem enterprise to a data-driven enterprise. The goal is to migrate select on-prem legacy systems to the cloud in the next two years, he added.

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