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Cobwebs Technologies Unveils Web Intelligence Solution Developed for Public Sector

New cybersecurity product

Cobwebs Technologies Unveils Web Intelligence Solution Developed for Public Sector

New York-headquartered Cobwebs Technologies has launched a new web intelligence solution designed to improve security in the public sector. The new product was developed in response to public organizations’ concerns over the growing range of cyber challenges and attacks on their digital assets, Cobwebs said Tuesday.

The web intelligence firm said that as attack methods become increasingly sophisticated, mitigating threats has become a time and resource-intensive task and a huge financial burden. The new AI-powered solution addresses these issues by identifying imminent attacks and compromised assets in a timely and cost-effective manner, a Cobwebs statement explained.

Shay Attias, co-founder and chief technology officer at Cobwebs, said his company’s new offering centralizes threat intelligence received from a wide range of open-source intelligence sources into one solution. He added that the product can equip policymakers, first responders and other emergency personnel with the tool to prevent, diminish and manage emergency events.

Attias explained that Cobwebs’ new WEBINT solution can help agencies fight and remove fake news and harmful misinformation. It can also identify account takeovers, impersonation of agency officials and departments, as well as the attackers behind such actions.

It was further explained that the company’s new offering uses natural language processing algorithms to analyze content and trace the threat actors’ origins. The product is touted to generate real-time alerts to enable effective preventative action before a crime takes place, and better and faster damage control after a crime takes place.

Cobwebs said that the new solution leverages OSINT to provide ongoing comprehensive monitoring of all digital channels across open, deep, and dark web, offering critical real-time alerts for rapid event resolution.

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