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CRIS’ New Update Features Business Analytics Integration

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CRIS’ New Update Features Business Analytics Integration

A new tool called Open Database Connectivity has been added to the U.S. Air Force’s Commanders’ Resource Integration System as part of its latest update.

With the ODBC driver, CRIS now offers seamless integration with commercial business analytics tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and Microsoft Excel, the Air Force said.

The tool allows users to generate automated visualizations directly from CRIS, streamlining the process. Moreover, the update paves the way for potential integration with artificial intelligence tools, allowing Air Force organizations to use CRIS’ extensive data for AI-powered insights.

The Air Force also emphasized that the financial management platform’s new integration adheres to stringent cybersecurity protocols. The ODBC driver is authorized to operate on non-secure internet protocol router workstations, allowing secure, compressed and encrypted data transfers.

Furthermore, the Air Force Single Sign-On technology and Role-Based Access Control configurations ensure that the enhanced functionality does not compromise the system’s cybersecurity posture.

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