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DARPA Develops Automated Tools to Expedite Software Certification

Automated verification

DARPA Develops Automated Tools to Expedite Software Certification

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is aiming to streamline software certification for the Department of Defense with the Automated Rapid Certification of Software program.

The initiative seeks to expedite the verification process, potentially benefiting both the military and commercial sectors, C4ISRNET reported.

At a recent C4ISRNet conference, Benjamin Bishop, deputy director of transition at DARPA’s Adaptive Capabilities Office, noted the lengthy Pentagon approval process for new technologies, while acknowledging its necessity for ensuring high-quality solutions.

To address the issue, Bishop highlighted the tools being developed under the ARCOS program that can automatically verify software security through file metadata analysis instead of manual verification, allowing rapid assessment of system risks and granting of approvals.

Bishop highlighted the capability’s potential for adoption across the DOD ecosystem, pointing out the need for commercial incentives to encourage its use.

Additionally, Bishop stressed the importance of user-friendly tools, suggesting that they should be accessible to a wide range of personnel within the DOD.

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