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DARPA Selects Metron to Develop Signal Processing Optimization Techniques

Beyond Linear Processing


DARPA Selects Metron to Develop Signal Processing Optimization Techniques

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded Virginia-based Metron a $2.1 million contract to undertake Phase 1 of Beyond Linear Processing, a program aimed at developing signal processing techniques to pave the way for smaller, lighter and more affordable radar systems.

BLiP’s first phase covers the development and evaluation of end-to-end radar signal processing chains in a software testbed that enables the optimization of multi-target detection, localization and tracking in complex environments. The second phase will involve field testing supported by an operational civil radar, Metron said.

The company, along with Duke University and Azure Summit Technology, is expected to provide DARPA with the testbed and algorithms to measure and optimize system performance.

In addition to sensing systems, Metron builds autonomy, decision support and analytics capabilities.

In 2021, it was part of a Serco-led industry team selected by DARPA to conduct preliminary design work for the No Manning Required Ship program, which is aimed at developing an unmanned surface vessel for long-duration maritime operations.

Metron and Wartsila Defense were tasked with developing an autonomous system that would handle decision-making and provide remote operators with ship health and future capability information.