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DCMA Adopts New Autonomous Contract System to Improve Operations

Contract management

DCMA Adopts New Autonomous Contract System to Improve Operations

A team at the Defense Contract Management Agency has transitioned to the new Contract Administration Management System, automating the analysis of contractor on-time delivery data.

Craig Morgan, chief digital and artificial intelligence officer at DCMA, said that with the addition of on-time delivery information and contractor effectiveness capabilities to CAMS, the agency gains flexibility and improved decision-making skills, ensuring it continues to support initiatives in implementing the agency’s strategic plan.

The CAMS report replaces the Cognos solution, a web-based reporting and analytic tool capable of performing data collection and producing detailed reports, DCMA .mil reported.

Juanita Christensen, DCMA’s TD executive director, said the tool will help DCMA specialists be more effective in their daily work due to CAMS’s substantial improvement in data centralization and analysis.

DCMA has been investing in the latest technologies to improve its operations. In November, DCMA Director Lt. Gen. David Bassett said that the agency sees some opportunities with artificial intelligence but has yet to determine use cases for the technology.