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Department of Commerce Updates Semiconductor Supply Chain Alert System

Disruption notification

Department of Commerce Updates Semiconductor Supply Chain Alert System

The Department of Commerce has updated the International Trade Administration’s Semiconductor Alert Mechanism, a system to support the government’s understanding of supply chain interruptions.

The Semiconductor Alert Mechanism allows microelectronics makers to share information on ongoing disruptions to improve government efforts to mitigate delays, Nextgov/FCW reported.

Heather Evans, the department’s deputy assistant secretary for manufacturing, noted that the system provides companies with a direct line to communicate with the government on disruptions.

ITA and the Commerce Department are accepting alerts on potential and ongoing supply chain interruptions. They are reviewing submissions on a rolling basis while adhering to confidentiality laws.

The United States is prioritizing global semiconductor supply chain security. The CHIPS and Science Act sets aside $500 million to improve international information on semiconductor industry activities.

In July, the Commerce and Defense departments agreed to coordinate on information sharing, collaboration and investments to advance the CHIPS and Science Act.

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