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Development of New Governmentwide IT Modernization Plan Underway

Clare Martorana

Federal CIO


Development of New Governmentwide IT Modernization Plan Underway

Federal Chief Information Officer Clare Martorana has announced that a new information technology modernization plan is being drafted to provide a holistic vision for IT delivery across the government.

The effort is being led by the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer and the Federal CIO Council, Martorana said during a keynote hosted by AFFIRM.

According to the government’s top IT official, the plan could either be an update to the one implemented by the Trump administration or be an entirely different document, signaling a shift in priorities, Nextgov reported.

Ultimately, Martorana said the strategy will outline what the Biden administration stands for when it comes to IT delivery.

The creation of the government-wide plan comes weeks after the release of a new model for the Technology Modernization Fund, a funding vehicle that offers loans to help agencies deliver IT services.

As per the updated model, agencies whose projects generate cost-savings and address critical government needs will be excused from repaying TMF funding in full.

Approval of TMF funding will be managed by the TMF Board. Members of the board are looking for projects related to modernizing high priority systems, cybersecurity, public-facing digital services and cross-government services and infrastructure.

The TMF model addresses the need for agency funding, which Martorana considers one of the topmost challenges in IT delivery.

Martorana is hopeful that the government will be able to roll out high-impact projects to address critical IT areas.

The TMF Board is open to project proposals for TMF funding. Agencies seeking priority funding are encouraged to submit project proposals by June 2.