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DHS Seeking Public Feedback on AI, Facial Recognition Technologies


DHS Seeking Public Feedback on AI, Facial Recognition Technologies

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking feedback from the American public about new artificial intelligence and facial recognition applications. The activity would allow the agency to gauge the public’s perception of automation and biometrics.

Kathleen Deloughery, a DHS Science and Technology Directorate program manager, said the organization needs to hear from individuals to better implement new technologies across various platforms. It would also give DHS an idea of what people perceive as the risks and benefits of emerging technologies.

According to an information collection request issued on the week of Nov. 1, individuals can start posting feedback when the document is published on the Federal Register. The publication is slated for release on Nov. 11, and there would be a 30-day feedback window, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

The ICR stated that research activities will look at AI facial recognition in places where the technology will be present. Examples of sites where biometric platforms will be deployed are airports and public buildings.

Deloughery said the Transportation Security Administration performed a similar activity when it launched a new imaging technology at security checkpoints. According to the program manager, public feedback helped research teams deploy and develop the solutions effectively.

Despite the DHS’ public campaigns, several groups that are against facial recognition argue that the technology still poses threats to individual privacy. Caitlin Seeley George, a director at internet privacy advocacy organization Fight for the Future, argues that the department’s surveys about biometrics may not be accurate. She added that DHS has been implementing biometric technologies at a rapid pace without putting in place policies to stop facial recognition from being used.

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