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DHS Task Force Identifying Priority Applications for AI Integration

Artificial intelligence

DHS Task Force Identifying Priority Applications for AI Integration

Amy Henninger, a senior adviser for advanced computing at the Department of Homeland Security, said a newly created artificial intelligence task force is identifying applications that should be prioritized for AI adoption, particularly those related to border security, supply chain security, and fentanyl or synthetic opioid production. 

The DHS established the task force in April to guide the agency on the use of AI to improve data collection and management and other significant tasks. Henninger noted that the agency is interested in using AI to advance digital forensics and protect critical infrastructure, Federal News Network reported.

Recently, the task force developed policies to make sure the agency uses AI technology, including face recognition and face capture technologies, in a responsible manner. Eric Hysen, the first DHS AI officer and the agency’s chief information officer, previously said the policies “will ensure that the department’s use of AI is free from discrimination and in full compliance with the law.”

Besides algorithmic bias in AI systems, the task force is also addressing adversarial AI challenges. According to Henninger, the agency must have an automated capability to defend against AI-powered threats seeking to manipulate DHS AI-based systems.