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DISA to Launch DOD Olympus Beta Test in Q3

Cloud service management

DISA to Launch DOD Olympus Beta Test in Q3

The Defense Information Systems Agency plans to put its new DOD Olympus cloud service management platform under beta test in the third quarter of 2024.

Korie Seville, DISA’s deputy chief technology officer for compute, said the testing phase will be extended until the agency figures out the funding and customer charge models for the service.  

DISA launched Olympus in March to simplify how defense agencies deploy commercial cloud solutions and build their cloud environments to keep up with the increasing demand for data, Defense One reported.

As a service-agnostic platform, Olympus supports integration with various tools and systems such as the DevSecOps platform Vulcan for software development and DISA’s Stratus private cloud offering.

According to Seville, DISA is working to find participants for the beta test to ensure the solution will meet customers’ needs, noting that Olympus gained a lot of interest from various defense organizations.

The platform is currently in the pilot stage, which involves Azure as the first cloud service provider.

Seville said Olympus supports Impact Level 5 data, with plans to accommodate IL6 and above information, depending on customer demands.

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