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DIU Advances Orbital Logistics Vehicle Project With Prototypes

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DIU Advances Orbital Logistics Vehicle Project With Prototypes

The Defense Innovation Unit has selected Blue Origin, Space Logistics and Spacebilt to develop prototypes for its Orbital Logistics Vehicle project, aimed at providing logistics solutions for accessing geostationary and other high orbits beyond low Earth orbit at reduced costs.

The initiative strategically leverages commercial technologies and private investment to provide low-cost, responsive solutions that will enhance the Department of Defense’s capabilities in space, the DIU said.

To achieve comprehensive capabilities, the DIU focuses on four key areas: light and heavy utility multi-orbit logistics vehicles for payload transport, fuel depots for in-space refueling and a rideshare approach for flexible delivery of payloads and propellant to various orbits.

Blue Origin will focus on demonstrating a heavy utility m-OLV system utilizing its Blue Ring platform. The company is already in the advanced stages of its Dark-Sky-1 mission, collaborating with the U.S. Space Force for launch.

Meanwhile, Space Logistics, Northrop Grumman’s in-space servicing subsidiary, joins the effort by providing in-space refueling technologies, including the Active Refueling Moule and Passive Refueling Module, which were developed alongside initiatives led by Space Systems Command.

Finally, Spacebilt, formerly Skycorp, was awarded a contract to validate its approach for a light utility m-OLV designed for in-space assembly and manufacturing, aiming to streamline DOD operations. The company is targeting a Q4 2026 launch.

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