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DOE Invests $70M in Computational Improvements to Earth System Model

Earth system modeling

DOE Invests $70M in Computational Improvements to Earth System Model

The Department of Energy has earmarked $70 million in funding for research in Earth system model development to advance its Energy Exascale Earth System Model project.

E3SM is an ongoing project aimed at optimizing the DOE’s allocation of laboratory resources for Earth system modeling, simulation and prediction.

The new Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing funding is focused on maximizing the utility of high-performance computing resources, DOE said Tuesday.

DOE added that the SciDAC partnership will bring together experts in various fields of Earth sciences, applied mathematics and computer science.

Sharlene Weatherwax, associate director of science for biological and environmental research at DOE, said that the SciDAC will advance efforts to achieve American leadership in climate science.

One of the funding opportunity’s specific goals is to improve E3SM’s representation of key processes such as ocean circulation, the Antarctic ice sheet, marine biogeochemistry and variability of the winds in the tropical stratosphere.

DOE also hopes to add enhanced physics and numerics to enhance the coupling of various components with high and variable resolutions.

The SciDAC funding is expected to improve understanding of scientific processes and improve confidence in climate projections across multiple spatial and temporal scales.

The funding will be allocated over five years, with $14 million anticipated to be awarded in fiscal year 2022.

Universities, national laboratories, nonprofit institutions, for-profit institutions and other federal agencies are welcome to submit applications.

The effort is sponsored by DOE’s Biological and Environmental and Advanced Scientific Computing Research program offices.

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