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DOE Launches New Program to Modernize Electricity Grid

Energy infrastructure

DOE Launches New Program to Modernize Electricity Grid

The Department of Energy has launched the Building a Better Grid Initiative, a program that focuses on upgrading the United States’ electrical grid to support a more sustainable energy economy. The project stems from the Biden administration’s goals to transition to clean energy production by 2035.

According to a notice of intent, the Energy Department will invest in critical enabling infrastructure to increase access to renewable energy sources. DOE explained that resources for renewable energy are often located in places that are far from areas with the highest demand for energy. The department is looking at offshore wind power, with the Biden administration looking to produce up to 30 gigawatts of power from offshore wind farms by 2030. The department will invest over $20 billion for the program and will also work with public and private organizations to modernize electricity transmission capabilities. DOE will also tackle cyber threat resilience and other cybersecurity-related concerns, Nextgov reported.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the initiative is designed to create a safer, more reliable and more resilient electric grid. She added that the program will create jobs thanks to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Law and from communities that support the initiative.

DOE will research the cost of new technologies that would regulate the electrical grid more efficiently. When it comes to funding, $3 billion will come from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the funding will be used to deploy more advanced equipment that would make the power grid more efficient.

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