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Enhanced Cooperation Needed to Defend Against Cyber Threats, LANPAC Speakers Say

Information warfare

Enhanced Cooperation Needed to Defend Against Cyber Threats, LANPAC Speakers Say

Defense experts attending the U.S. Army’s Land Forces Pacific Symposium and Exposition in Hawaii from May 16 to 18 stressed the need for stronger cooperation among like-minded countries for maximum protection against cyberattacks and information warfare. Army Cyber Command chief Lt. Gen. Maria Barrett said on Wednesday that cyber, information warfare and big data will support the contested environment where commanders will operate. She said the United States and its allies must prepare for challenges that could disrupt unity efforts such as the threat of weaponized narratives and information disruption machines, the Association of the United States Army said.

Lt. Gen. Hiroe Jiro, commanding general of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s Training, Evaluation, Research and Development Command, agreed with Barrett even as he urged the acceleration of system integration in the Indo-Pacific region in terms of artificial intelligence, information warfare and big data. Jiro said this will allow the U.S. and Japan to decide, judge and move faster than the adversary.

U.S. Cyber Command Cyber National Mission Force Commander Maj. Gen. William Hartman said strong partnerships are critical to collectively prepare and face the increasing threats during these very challenging times.

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