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Everlaw Platform Migrates to AWS GovCloud (US)

Everlaw AWS GovCloud

(US) migration

Everlaw Platform Migrates to AWS GovCloud (US)

The federal software-as-a-service platform of software company Everlaw has been moved to Amazon Web Services GovCloud (US), according to a Sept. 13 press release.

The migration to AWS GovCloud (US) makes the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program-compliant software one of the first cloud-native e-discovery, collaboration and document review solutions to meet the U.S. government security requirements.

The platform achieved FedRAMP authorization in 2020 and is being used by government organizations to conduct federal investigations and litigation, Everlaw said.

With its AWS cloud migration, the company can keep its high-speed solution’s integrity while protecting sensitive information within government systems against the threat of cyber attacks.

AWS GovCloud (US) also allows Everlaw to provide better support for federal export controls, compliance and sensitive data storage.

Everlaw noted that the Amazon Region is operated exclusively by American citizens on U.S. soil. The same is the case for the company’s platform, allowing it to serve government agencies with no foreign national requirements.

Everlaw also announced its International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission 27001:2013 certification for data security and Service Organization Control 2 Type 2 certification in privacy, security, confidentiality and availability.

Additionally, the company recently completed independent audits supporting compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Kevin Babcock, director of security engineering, said that it is important for Everlaw to provide a “fast, highly secure and modern collaboration solution” that complies with the requirements of government agencies.

“Our move to AWS GovCloud (US) allows our federal clients to confidently use our solution, knowing that their information is protected by the highest cloud security standards,” Babcock said in a statement.

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