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FBI Director Says China Poses Biggest Cyber Threat to American Interests

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FBI Director Says China Poses Biggest Cyber Threat to American Interests

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray told the U.S. Senate that China, especially the Chinese Community Party, constitutes the most significant cyber threat confronting the United States today. He assured senators that the bureau is hard at work trying to thwart the Chinese government’s efforts to conduct broad-scale economic espionage and compromise America’s economic security, GovCIO Media & Research reported Thursday.

Speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Wray said that while the FBI has recognized the threat posed by China, the U.S. is far behind where it needs to be for effectively repelling attacks waged in cyberspace. The official, however, assured the lawmakers that the bureau is working with the private sector and foreign partners to meet the threats launched by malicious cyber actors.

Wray stressed that as a country, the U.S. is playing catch-up with efforts initiated by China, so it is important to spare no effort in trying to find leverage. He said part of his job is to make foreign allies aware of the cyber threats and get partners onboard on a broader defensive effort.

The FBI director pointed out that nation-state-led cyber threats and attacks have escalated significantly during the pandemic era. He mentioned efforts to steal the U.S.’ COVID-19 research and innovation. Also, supply chain incidents like the SolarWinds hack, as well as foreign attempts to influence the outcome of U.S. elections, underscore the seriousness of the threat.

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