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FBI, Justice Department Disrupt Warzone RAT Malware Sales

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FBI, Justice Department Disrupt Warzone RAT Malware Sales

The Department of Justice’s Office of Public Affairs has announced the seizure of internet domains selling the Warzone remote access trojan malware, which enables covert intrusions into computers to steal credentials, take screenshots and watch users through their webcams.

Investigations by the FBI’s Boston and Atlanta field offices led to the indictment of two individuals said to be supporting the sale of Warzone RAT and other malware, the Justice Department said Friday.

The FBI and the Justice Department coordinated with Maltese law enforcement to arrest Daniel Meli, whom a federal grand jury in the Northern District of Georgia has charged with damaging computers and illegally selling and advertising an electronic interception device, among other crimes.

Meanwhile, Nigerian authorities arrested Prince Onyeoziri Odinakachi, who received similar charges from a federal grand jury in the District of Massachusetts.

The FBI purchased and analyzed Warzone RAT to confirm its malicious functions. Partner organizations from Canada and European countries assisted the effort by securing the servers hosting the malware.

News of the crackdown on Warzone RAT comes months after the U.S. coordinated an international operation to disrupt the Qakbot botnet infrastructure.

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