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British Institutions Join Fermilab Quantum Research Initiative

Quantum technology

British Institutions Join Fermilab Quantum Research Initiative

The Department of Energy has welcomed four British institutions to a quantum experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Imperial College London, the University of Cambridge, the University of Liverpool and the University of Oxford entered into a cooperative research and development agreement with Fermilab in November 2023.

The Matter-wave Atomic Gradiometer Interferometric Sensor is a 100-meter-long interferometer experiment where scientists can use cold-atom interferometry to showcase the quantum superposition of atoms. It will be vertically mounted in a 100-meter-deep access shaft, Fermilab said.

Robert Plunkett, project scientist for MAGIS-100 at Fermilab, said the collaboration is significant because the effort is not only expanding the laboratory’s expertise in cold atoms but also experimenting with cold-atom interferometry.

Quantum research has been part of the government’s agenda for years. The Air Force Research Laboratory is also engaged in quantum information technology research. It issued a broad agency announcement in April 2023 to identify a contractor to help with researching, developing and testing the technology to support command, control, communications, computer and intelligence missions.

In November 2023, lawmakers in the House of Representatives filed a bill to continue quantum research initiatives under the National Quantum Initiative Act of 2018.

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