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IBM Releases Solution to Help Organizations Manage AI

Artificial intelligence

IBM Releases Solution to Help Organizations Manage AI

IBM is set to make watsonx.governance commercially available in early December, allowing businesses to gain a better understanding of artificial intelligence models.

Kareem Yusuf, senior vice president of product management and growth at IBM Software, said the solution is a great resource for businesses struggling to deploy and manage large language models and machine learning models, providing them tools to automate governance processes related to AI, monitor AI models and implement corrective action in an instant.

Watsonx.governance is part of IBM’s watsonx AI and data platform, offering businesses a chance to take a piece of the opportunities offered by the emerging technology, IBM said.

Watsonx is not only a solution for businesses to comply with regulations covering AI. In September, IBM received a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program authorization for its IBM Federal HR Cloud, an AI-powered solution to help with human resource processes.

IBM is also committed to advancing AI. It has established a $500 million venture fund for startups focused on developing the technology. The IBM Enterprise AI Venture Fund will not only award grants but also allow startups to partner with multinational technology firms to share resources.

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