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Intelligence Sharing Highlighted During 2022 Intelligence Summit

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Intelligence Sharing Highlighted During 2022 Intelligence Summit

The Department of Homeland Security partnered with the International Association of Chiefs of Police and other law enforcement organizations to host the 2022 Intelligence Summit, which took place in Alexandria, Virginia on Aug. 17 and 18.

The event was part of the agency’s efforts to empower, inform and engage law enforcement and homeland security partners in anticipating and responding to potential threats. It also allowed participants to strengthen their support for state, local, tribal, territorial and campus partners in protecting their communities.

The focus areas discussed during the meeting were the importance of sharing intelligence in a timely manner; the necessity of strong privacy, civil rights and civil liberties protections; the role of the Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council in supporting intelligence and information sharing; the opportunities in enhancing suspicious activity identification and reporting; and the value of the Fusion Center and Information Sharing Strategy, DHS said.

According to DHS Secretary and 2021 Wash100 winner Alejandro Mayorkas, homeland security and law enforcement organizations have worked together since the Twin Tower terror attack in 2001 to enhance information sharing. He added that organizations have implemented policies and processes to share data more efficiently and safely amid a more complex and dynamic threat environment.

Ken Wainstein, the undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at DHS, said the agency is prioritizing connectivity with government and law enforcement partners in all levels to ensure that current and future threats are kept at bay.

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