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Intelligent Artifacts Awarded USAF Deal for Advanced Sensor Fusion on F-35 Lightning II

Enhancing the F-35

Intelligent Artifacts Awarded USAF Deal for Advanced Sensor Fusion on F-35 Lightning II

New York-headquartered Intelligent Artifacts announced that it has received an Air Force SBIR Phase II award to modernize the Mission Data File build process for the F-35 Lightning II. Sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory, the effort is intended to enhance sensor fusion capabilities and allow for automatic updating to simplify the MDF process, Intelligent Artifacts said Thursday.

In a statement, Intelligent Artifacts Chief Executive Officer Nick Cianciolo said that creating and managing Mission Data Files has been one of the most laborious projects attending the F-35 platform. He added that his company will continue proving out its modular, flexible AI solution for sensor fusion and predictive analytics to produce MDFs with the highest accuracies.

In Phase II of the project, Intelligent Artifacts will integrate its software offering to enhance the overall effectiveness of the F-35’s sensor fusion capabilities by automating parts of the MDF process and transforming the static threat library into a dynamic threat knowledgebase through real-time information processing.

For his part, Mark Mackowiak, Intelligent Artifacts’ COO and SBIR lead said the company’s open-source universal data format allows its system to ingest any data type from legacy, current, or future sensors, eliminating the need to develop separate, disparate solutions per sensor and data type. He added that the firm’s “deterministic solution” improves predictive analysis using symbolic processing and human-like pattern matching methodologies which naturally improves efficacy and accuracy within the MDF process.”

In April 2021, Intelligent Artifacts was selected for a Phase I SBIR contract award by the Air Force to conduct research and development in pursuit of a “Blue Sky” opportunity for airborne Machine Learning that meets strict technical standards for safety in aviation.

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