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Kopin Secures Army’s NG-SRI Optical Eyepiece Assembly Contract

Optical component

Kopin Secures Army’s NG-SRI Optical Eyepiece Assembly Contract

The U.S. Army is tapping into Kopin’s expertise to develop and produce a vital optical component that will form part of the Next Generation-Short Range Interceptor system.

On Wednesday, Kopin announced that it had received a contract to work on a high-resolution eyepiece assembly that will go into the NG-SRI’s new Commanders Launch Assembly. The NG-SRI system aims to replace the existing Stinger missile for short-range air defense use, allowing the service branch to dodge enemy radiofrequency jamming when targeting a subject, Kopin said.

According to Bill Maffucci, senior vice president of business development and strategy at Kopin, the company’s high-performance organic light-emitting diode microdisplay solution best fits the needs of the NG-SRI when coupled with Kopin’s proprietary wide field-of-view optics.

He added that the new deal provides Kopin with an opportunity to expand its market and achieve its goal of posting about $5 million to $10 million in revenue annually.

The two organizations have been working on a long list of technologies. In early June, Kopin received a contract to develop novel see-through augmented reality display optics for dismounted soldier vision systems.

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