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Kratos Performs SATCOM Roaming Test for Assured Communications Capability


Kratos Performs SATCOM Roaming Test for Assured Communications Capability

Kratos Defense and Security Solutions said it has demonstrated an integrated satellite communications capability that introduces real-time situational awareness to a secure environment.

The demonstration involved a test of the Department of Defense’s Enterprise Management and Control plan, which is an effort to optimize access to a hybrid satellite constellation used by multiple service providers, Kratos said Monday.

“This demonstration of EM&C helped the warfighters better understand the key satellite links used for communication and enabled precision identification, characterization, and troubleshooting of interference along the long-haul communication pathways,” said Lt. Col. Gary Thompson, an official with the Space and Missile Systems Center.

Kratos said EM&C capabilities can serve as a means for providing real-time satellite communication end-to-end connectivity status and operational readiness for spectral data, link and equipment status and detecting electromagnetic interference.

The capability is expected to play a key strategic role in providing warfighters with assured satellite communications access to legacy and next-generation terminals.

The event also demonstrated the ability to gather information from sensors and satellites through the Unified Data Library, a government-owned cloud database available for the DOD and U.S. coalition partners.

According to Kratos, the effort was part of the joint all-domain command and control demonstration by U.S. European Command, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa and the Air Force Chief Architect Office.

JAD2C is the DOD’s concept of connecting sensors from all of the military services into a single network. Each of the military services traditionally developed its own tactical network that was incompatible with those of other services.

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