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Las Vegas Airport Using Compact CT Baggage Scanner Developed by DHS

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Las Vegas Airport Using Compact CT Baggage Scanner Developed by DHS

Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas is using a new and advanced carry-on baggage screening system that was developed in part by the Department of Homeland Security‘s Science & Technology Directorate.

The system, known as Reduced Form Factor-Computed Tomography, is designed so the Transportation Security Administration can install baggage scanners in smaller airports that cannot accommodate conventional machines. S&T’s Screening at Speed Program worked with TSA to create the RFF-CT system.

CT systems show three-dimensional images of objects inside bags, resulting in more accurate identification and reduced physical bag checks, DHS S&T said Tuesday.

John Fortune, the manager of S&T’s Screening at Speed Program, said the RFF-CT system is designed to meet the same TSA standards as full-size systems while enabling flexibility and improving passengers’ experience.

TSA and S&T have been investing in CT scanning design and manufacturing over the last three years. The technology resulting from the three-year effort replaces the Advanced Technology scanner that has been used in airports for years.

Integrated Defense & Security Solutions, a company headquartered in Boxborough, Massachusetts, worked with S&T and TSA to develop the compact scanner. IDSS manufactures and supplies automated and high-definition CT imaging technologies to airports around the world.

The S&T Screening at Speed program performs research and development in support of TSA to help improve aviation security effectiveness and passenger experience.

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