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Reserve Marines Join Cyber Yankee Exercise as Red Teams

Cyber training

Reserve Marines Join Cyber Yankee Exercise as Red Teams

Reserve Marines participated in the recent Cyber Yankee exercise, where they worked with other service members on cyber defense capabilities.

During the  June 13-17 exercise, the Marines acted as red teams while other participating servicemen acted as blue teams. Red teams are responsible for carrying out simulated cyberattacks while blue teams are responsible for defending their networks.

Blue teams had to fend off four red teams that carried out cyberattacks of varying sophistication. Blue teams can use anything at their disposal, from simple security measures to complicated IT systems, to stop the threats.

The collaboration gave reservists an insight into how active-duty servicemen carry out cybersecurity matters. The partnership also gives participants valuable training as cyber threats continue to evolve, DVIDS reported.

Staff Sgt. Sean Sarich, an innovation laboratory specialist at the Marine Innovation Unit, said Marines often serve as red teams in regional cyber exercises to allow trainees to learn more about their local cyber defense systems and help assigned blue teams to improve their strategies. He added that regional exercises like Cyber Yankee ensures that reservists are equipped with the right tools and experience should they be called to respond to emergencies.

Lance Cpl. Miles Young, a data systems administrator for the U.S. Marine Corps 6th Communications Battalion‘s Defense Cyberspace Operations-Internal Defensive Measures Company B, said Cyber Yankee is a joint effort between New England’s national guards. According to Young, participating in the training exercise allowed Marines to sharpen their skills, broaden their knowledge and enhance their ability to defend critical infrastructure.

The participating reservists are from the 6th Battalion DCO-IDM and the Marine Innovation Unit.

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