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Mitre Outlines AI Governance Recommendations for Incoming Administration

AI development

Mitre Outlines AI Governance Recommendations for Incoming Administration

Mitre has released a policy document outlining recommendations for the incoming presidential administration on governing artificial intelligence.

Priorities should include securing federal funding for AI research and establishing an executive task force during the administration’s first year to monitor AI development and implementation, Mitre said.

Mitre argued that a regulatory framework for safe AI is essential to solidify U.S. leadership in the field and unlock AI’s potential to address critical challenges. The nonprofit recommended a flexible approach that caters to the specific needs and resources of various government agencies.

Mitre also proposed a nine-point plan, including the creation of an AI intelligence unit to monitor potential threats and legislation that mandates transparency in AI applications. Transparency, according to Mitre, is vital for identifying misuse and maintaining public trust in AI.

Furthermore, Mitre urges better collaboration between legislators and entities within federal agencies in charge of AI strategies to ensure that policies are effectively implemented.

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