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NASA, Axiom Space Ink Deal for Fourth Private Mission to ISS

Private astronaut mission

NASA, Axiom Space Ink Deal for Fourth Private Mission to ISS

Axiom Space and NASA are planning to undertake a fourth private mission to the International Space Station.

Under the terms of a mission-specific order and a reimbursable Space Act Agreement, NASA will provide Axiom with crew supplies, storage and in-orbit resources while Axiom could retrieve scientific samples and other cargo for the agency.

Phil McAlister, NASA’s commercial space director, explained that Axiom Mission 4 is part of broader efforts to build commercial low-Earth orbit capabilities and advance beyond ISS operations.

Ax-4 will comprise four crew members selected by the company. The crew must undergo a review by NASA and international partners prior to confirmation.

SpaceX will serve as the launch provider for the mission and provide training to familiarize the selected astronauts with the Dragon spacecraft.

Ax-4 is expected to have a maximum duration of 14 days and August 2024 as the earliest possible launch period. A specific launch date will depend on spacecraft traffic and other planning constraints, NASA said.

Axiom secured its first two ISS mission opportunities in 2021 and a third in March.

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