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NASA Conducts Tests to Ensure Astronaut Safety During Artemis II Mission

Astronaut satefy tests

NASA Conducts Tests to Ensure Astronaut Safety During Artemis II Mission

NASA is using a manikin in Artemis-related tests to ensure the safety of astronauts selected to take on a journey to the moon.

The manikin, called Commander Moonikin Campos, previously launched to the moon wearing the Orion Crew Survival System spacesuit as part of the Artemis I flight test that began in November.

Moonikin Campos continues to support Artemis missions now that it has come back to Earth. It recently underwent sled testing acceleration at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio while wearing the OCSS suit and sitting on the Orion capsule seat to validate the capability of restraint systems like automotive seats and seat belts to secure astronauts in case of collisions and contingency landings, NASA said. The test also aimed at identifying design improvements for the suit and Orion seat to enhance astronaut safety and comfort for the next Artemis missions.

Artemis II is expected to be launched in November 2024, marking the first crewed lunar flyby mission since 1972. Navy Capt. Gregory Wiseman, Navy Capt. Victor Glover, NASA astronaut Christina Koch and Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen were selected for the mission.

The manikin will support the acceptance vibration testing of the Artemis II Orion crew module at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. 

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