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NASA Announces Lunar Science Instruments for Artemis III Mission

Lunar exploration

NASA Announces Lunar Science Instruments for Artemis III Mission

NASA has announced the science instruments astronauts will use during the upcoming Artemis III mission to the moon’s surface.

The three instruments will gather critical data on the lunar environment, geology and the means for long-term lunar habitation, laying a foundation for future Mars exploration, NASA said.

The selected payloads will investigate planetary processes, lunar polar volatiles and strategies for mitigating risks posed by the lunar environment. NASA emphasized the unique installation requirements of the instruments, necessitating deployment by human astronauts.

The Lunar Environment Monitoring Station, led by Dr. Mehdi Benna, will study moonquakes and the lunar interior. Meanwhile, the Lunar Effects on Agricultural Flora, led by Space Lab Technologies’ Christine Escobar, will analyze the effects of the lunar environment on space crops.

Finally, the Lunar Dielectric Analyzer, led by the University of Tokyo’s Dr. Hideaki Miyamoto with support from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, will probe for lunar volatiles, potentially including ice deposits.

The Artemis III mission, currently slated for launch in 2026, will be the first crewed lunar landing mission since Apollo 17. Astronauts will explore the moon’s south polar region, an area of scientific interest with potential for resource discovery.

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