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NASA to Send Three Mini Rovers on Lunar Surface Mapping Project

Lunar tech demonstrator

NASA to Send Three Mini Rovers on Lunar Surface Mapping Project

NASA will send three mini rovers to the moon to see how they can work with each other to create a 3D map of the lunar surface.

The mini rovers will demonstrate the Cooperative Autonomous Distributed Robotic Exploration project, designed to improve future mission efficiency by using robots operated by humans on Earth. Human operators will send a broad directive to the rovers’ base station aboard their lander, after which the rovers will pick a leader that will distribute work assignments accordingly.

The demo rovers will show how multi-robot missions can enable new science or support for astronauts.

The rovers are expected to land on the moon’s Reiner Gamma region in 2024 as part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative, NASA said Thursday.

The demonstration project is one of several lunar mission enhancement initiatives NASA has been undertaking.

In late June, NASA selected 11 U.S.-based companies for technology development partnerships in projects to support long-term lunar and space exploration. Under the partnership arrangement, the companies will work with NASA and each other to develop in-space 3D printing tools, lunar surface power systems and other technologies necessary for future missions.

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