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New Capability Allows Direct Data Flow From Space Fence to USSF Unified Data Library

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New Capability Allows Direct Data Flow From Space Fence to USSF Unified Data Library

The Space Systems Command has established a capability to directly ingest observation data from the Space Fence surveillance system into the U.S. Space Force Unified Data Library.

During the initial connection phase and 30-day trial period, the Space Force monitored and verified data that flowed from the Space Fence into the UDL. The tests, which were done in partnership with the Strategic Warning and Surveillance Systems Division at the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, were completed on April 15.

The new data ingestion capability establishes the UDL’s first direct sensor connection with the Space Surveillance Network, a collection of sensors that provide observation data on space objects. The milestone allows Space Fence to facilitate consolidation and integration with other data sets, visualization, analysis and decision-making for space domain awareness, the Space Systems Command said Tuesday.

The Space Fence-UDL integration also supports the Department of Defense’s Joint All-Domain Command and Control framework, which seeks to connect sensors, platforms and weapons systems to more effectively respond to current and future threats.

Lt. Col. Daniel Kimmich, the lead official of the SSC’s Cross-Mission Ground and Communications Enterprise Data branch, said the UDL-Space Fence partnership allows the Space Force to access and integrate data more efficiently and paves the way for the integration of other SSN sensors.

Space Fence provides detection, tracking and measurement of space objects in low-Earth and geosynchronous orbits. It is also used to allow satellite operators to avoid debris.

It was tested in 2019 and declared operational in 2020.

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