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New DOE Program Seeks to Accelerate AI Research Through National Laboratories

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New DOE Program Seeks to Accelerate AI Research Through National Laboratories

The Department of Energy has launched the Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence for Science, Security and Technology program to speed up the federal government’s AI research efforts. According to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the FASST initiative would bank on the supercomputing facilities and the scientific expertise of the 17 national laboratories under the DOE. The program’s goals include establishing AI-ready scientific information at scale and creating next-generation computing solutions, the PNNL said.

Launched and discussed during the inaugural AI for National Competitiveness Expo in early May at Washington, D.C., FASST also aims at developing trustworthy AI platforms and the implementation of transformative AI mission applications.

During the expo, the PNNL demonstrated its PolicyAI, which is designed to leverage AI technology for governance and policy-making, particularly on national environmental concerns. The laboratory also presented its AI research and application approaches, including the use of large language models in complex analyses for decision-making in such efforts as granting environmental permits.

In addition, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer disclosed at the expo a roadmap that the Senate’s bipartisan working group has created to help Congress better regulate AI development and deployment. 

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