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New SSC Office to Enhance Coordination of Space Agencies Developing Missile-Tracking Capabilities

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New SSC Office to Enhance Coordination of Space Agencies Developing Missile-Tracking Capabilities

The Space Systems Command has announced the creation of a new program office that will enable the SSC, the Space Development Agency and the Missile Defense Agency to coordinate their procurement efforts for missile-tracking satellites. The office was established following a Government Accountability Office report in June that criticized the lack of coordination between MDA, SDA and the U.S. Space Force on the Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor low-Earth orbit constellation, SpaceNews reported.

“Contrary to a DOD directive with which MDA has aligned its effort, at the time of our review, MDA did not plan to obtain an independent technological risk assessment to determine the maturity of the technologies before proceeding with development,” the report said. The document noted that more clearly delineated roles and responsibilities would help avoid duplication, overlap or fragmented capabilities among space agencies.

With the new program office, representatives from SDA, MDA and the Space Force will work together to align their efforts in building a multilayer constellation of missile-defense satellites placed in geostationary, highly elliptical, medium and low-Earth orbits.

Col. Brian Denaro, SSC’s space sensing program executive officer, is tasked with leading the office. According to Denaro, the entity will help advance the delivery of integrated and resilient sensor-to-shooter capabilities.

“With the emerging advanced threats, space-based sensors are essential to missile defense,” said Walter Chai, director for space sensors at MDA. “The close collaboration between SDA, SSC, and MDA will ensure that we are able to defeat these threats.”

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