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NGA Looks Into AI, ML to Accelerate Data Processing

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NGA Looks Into AI, ML to Accelerate Data Processing

Artificial intelligence will soon be part of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

Natasha Krell, an NGA computer vision, machine learning, research and development scientist, said the agency is treating AI as a tool that would help people excel in their jobs. She compared it to a word processor with a user needing to input data into the software to complete the job.

NGA is looking at various ways to apply the emerging technology, including using it to detect and decipher satellite imagery, Federal News Network reported.

However, the agency is also aware of existing challenges. Krell said the agency plans to scrutinize every machine learning or algorithm available to ensure top-notch security over the models and data being brought in.

NGA has been exploring ways to integrate artificial intelligence into its operations. NGA Director Vice Adm. Frank Whitworth III, a Wash100 Award winner, is instrumental in the AI push as he believes the technology can help the agency process the large volume of data handled by its workforce.

Its work on Project Maven is one of the agency’s biggest AI-related projects, working to enable image processing and full-motion video production from drones and similar platforms.

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