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Digital Modernization

Novetta to Deploy IoT Platform to Air Force Bases

Digital modernization

Novetta to Deploy IoT Platform to Air Force Bases

Novetta, a data analytics company, announced it was selected to deploy an internet of things platform to Air Force bases over the next five years.

The Platform for Integrated C3 and Responsive Defense was designed to provide help Air Force personnel access intelligent systems for defense operations, Novetta said.

“PICARD begins to deliver on the promise of Integrated Base Defense and all-domain data sharing,” said Steven Adelman, Novetta’s senior director for sensor fusion and IoT.

Kevin Heald, Novetta’s senior vice president for information exploitation, said the platform will contribute to the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System, an effort to create a next-generation command and control system that leverages modern technology. 

Heald added that PICARD supports the Department of Defense’s larger goal of achieving Joint All-Domain Command and Control, which is the concept of connecting sensors from all warfighting domains into a single network. 

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a 2021 Wash100 winner, signed off on the DOD’s JADC2 strategy in June.

Novetta said PICARD features an open architecture and cloud technology. It was also designed to introduce DevSecOps principles to non-traditional operational technologies such as electronic security, control and weapons systems. 

PICARD extracts data from proprietary and legacy environments to ensure that operators can access them regardless of location, the company added. 

Novetta will first deploy PICARD at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina as part of a Pathfinder program. The company plans to extend the platform to 11 bases in 2022.

Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Novetta offers technologies in machine learning, data analytics, cyber, cloud analytics and multi-intelligence fusion.

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