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NSF Seeks Research Proposals to Better Understand Cyber-Physical Systems

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NSF Seeks Research Proposals to Better Understand Cyber-Physical Systems

The National Science Foundation is seeking proposals for cyber-physical systems to better understand how the technology could be used to open up new opportunities for addressing new challenges.

The NSF program seeks to establish the core research behind the complex CPS, including uncovering “cross-cutting, fundamental scientific and engineering principles that underpin the integration of cyber and physical elements across all application domains.” 

The agency asks interested parties to submit proposals that include a research description, an evaluation/experimentation plan and a project management and collaboration plan, which should be submitted by Sept. 3 for the 2024 cohort and by May 31, 2025, for the 2025 iteration, NSF .gov reported.

Advancing CPS is a collaborative effort with various federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

The announcement comes after NSF entered into a partnership with the Department of Agriculture in April to gather proposals on using robotics to transform agriculture practices and address existing and future challenges in the sector.

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