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NTIA Seeks Public Input on 6G Development Policies

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NTIA Seeks Public Input on 6G Development Policies

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has initiated a request for comment on policies to support 6G technology research, development and deployment.

The RFC seeks public input on topics such as equitable access to 6G technology, disaster preparedness applications, development timelines and the technology’s potential for accelerating innovation, the NTIA said.

The request excludes spectrum allocation issues and is open for comments for 90 days following publication in the Federal Register.

Alan Davidson, assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information and NTIA administrator, highlighted 6G as the next step in the mobile revolution, emphasizing the importance of early preparation for the potential advancements the technology will offer.

The NTIA said public feedback will be used to create a report and guide U.S. policy for 6G development.

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