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NTT Data, Cardinality.ai Join Forces to Pursue Public Sector Cloud Opportunities

Strategic alliance

NTT Data, Cardinality.ai Join Forces to Pursue Public Sector Cloud Opportunities

NTT Data and Cardinality .ai have formed a strategic partnership to pursue opportunities related to aiding government services in adopting secure cloud infrastructure. Christopher Merdon, group president for NTT Data Services Public Sector, said the partnership will assist in simplifying citizen interaction with government, while Cardinality CEO Thiag Loganathan said both companies could accelerate the pace at which governments achieve positive outcomes, NTT Data said.

The partnership will offer Cardinality’s Personalized Integrated Citizen Services, a platform intended to speed up government modernization efforts while reducing risks and costs. PICS is built upon a platform both companies had supported called the Maryland Total Human-services Integrated Network, created to facilitate uniform solution implementation across state agencies such as the Maryland departments of Human Services, Health, Juvenile Services and Health Benefit Exchange.

In November 2021, MDH selected NTT Data to support the modular transformation of its Medicaid enterprise systems, with the company tasked to assist in the establishment of a project management office and the implementation of an information technology roadmap.

The multinational IT conglomerate has won multiple deals in recent years to support federal agency modernization initiatives, including a May 2021 contract to replace Department of Justice immigration review systems and a $95 million contract from April 2020 to upgrade the Department of the Interior’s technical information management platform.

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