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Octo Unveils Data Mesh Solution for Federal Customers

Product launch

Octo Unveils Data Mesh Solution for Federal Customers

Information technology services and consulting firm Octo announced the launch of a new data mesh solution for federal clients seeking to accelerate the pace of innovation and realize greater mission value from their data analytics investments. The new offering delivers outcomes that increase data value and mission agility by helping agencies embrace product thinking and manage data as a product, Octo said Tuesday.

In a statement, Octo said its solution seeks to answer the market’s increasing demand for trustworthy analytics data at scale through an innovative approach to data management. The firm’s approach is based on the principles of domain data ownership, managing data as a product, self-service infrastructure as a data platform, and federated, computational data governance.

Sujey Edward, chief technology officer at Octo, said the model unveiled by the company turns data into a useable product and reduces dependency on others. He explained that the latest offering is essentially “decentralized data management focused on organizational change for the future.”

For her part, Cindy Walker, vice president of Octo’s Data Center of Excellence, said the company’s data mesh solution promises to help its federal clients simplify data discovery while accelerating the speed of analytical insights and machine learning model development. She added that this will allow them to sustain agility and respond gracefully in the face of constant change.

Walker pointed out that federal government organizations are large-scale and complex, and “they are operating in an increasingly volatile, uncertain landscape.” It was emphasized that the firm’s research and development facility in Reston, Virginia, seeks to address customers’ most pressing issues with innovative emerging technology solutions in real-time.

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