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OMB Seeks to Implement Policies on Government Use of AI

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OMB Seeks to Implement Policies on Government Use of AI

The Biden administration is paving the way for the critical and responsible use of artificial intelligence within the federal government by releasing, through the Office of Management and Budget, specific policies that will govern the implementation, development and procurement of AI systems. The OMB guidance is part of several AI initiatives that include a public evaluation of AI systems from developers like Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, OpenAI and Stability AI during the annual Defcon Hacking Convention in Nevada this August, Federal News Network reported.

Participating AI experts will assess compliance of the various systems to the Biden administration’s blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, which includes safe and effective systems, protection from algorithmic discrimination, data privacy, due notice and human rights. The OMB AI guidance will serve as a template that will allow state and local governments to responsibly make full use of the technology while addressing potential cybersecurity security threats and other concerns 

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