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ORNL Gives Campbell Scientific Non-Exclusive License for FAME Technology

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ORNL Gives Campbell Scientific Non-Exclusive License for FAME Technology

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory announced that it has licensed proprietary technology for monitoring plant productivity and health at wide scales to Utah-based company Campbell Scientific. The technology measures solar-induced fluorescence, which is emitted by plants during photosynthesis as they convert sunlight into chemical energy, ORNL said Tuesday.

In a statement, the DOE research institution said it has licensed its Fluorescence Auto-Measurement Equipment technology non-exclusively to Campbell Scientific for commercial production. 

ORNL said that the FAME platform uses a high-resolution spectrometer, a data logger, supporting devices and sensors, and a novel algorithm to analyze spectrum data to determine SIF levels across a wide area. The technology promises to provide insight into forests and croplands that may be stressed by drought or excessive heat. 

The laboratory added that FAME technology will help scientists studying the carbon cycle and climate change discern how much carbon dioxide is being absorbed by plants.

The technology was developed by ORNL researcher Dr. Lianhong Gu and his colleagues at the Missouri Ozark Ameriflux site, a DOE-supported experimental station. Gu, a distinguished scientist and task leader in ORNL’s Environmental Sciences Division, expressed excitement over the many commercial applications of the new technology.

The ORNL scientist said that FAME can help in understanding the productivity and health of natural and managed ecosystems in response to environmental conditions. He explained that researchers want to get quality data into their modern Earth modeling systems to better assess and predict the future of the planet’s climate.

For his part, Dr. Eric Pierce, the division’s director, said FAME is another example of ORNL breaking new ground by developing a specialized instrument to provide measurements and data to advance ecosystem research.

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