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Palantir to Help Streamline ARPA-H Workflows

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Palantir to Help Streamline ARPA-H Workflows

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health has awarded a two-year, $19 million contract to Palantir Technologies for a data infrastructure streamlining the agency’s core workflows.

The contract calls for the use of Palantir’s AIP and Foundry software in the development of a strategy and system enabling rapid collection of data from various sources for analysis and decision-making. The work areas covered in the task order include planning and oversight and financial management, Palantir said.  

The data strategy it will create will provide the agency with a feedback mechanism for accelerating innovation that would contribute to accomplishing the ARPA-H mission while fostering agency accountability,  the company added.

Palantir pointed out that its ARPA-H work will build on the company’s database and artificial intelligence solutions deployed for public health projects, such as its current disease surveillance tooling for the Department of Health and Human Services and a task order from the Center for Disease Control

Hirsh Jain, Palantir’s senior vice president and head of public health, cited ARPA-H as “an incredible investment” for future health care, and it is an honor for the company to support the agency’s mission.

Alastair Thomson, ARPA-H data innovation director, said the agency is convinced that it can achieve “unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity and overall success” through the use of data and AI.  

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