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Pryon Partners With Carahsoft to Offer GenAI Products to Public Sector

Craig Abod,


Carahsoft Technology

Pryon Partners With Carahsoft to Offer GenAI Products to Public Sector

Carahsoft Technology will bring Pryon’s generative artificial solutions to the public sector under a distribution partnership.

Pryon offers the Retrieval-Augmented Generation Suite comprising ingestion and retrieval engines that can be paired with large language models to simplify data access and analysis and capture valuable insights from unstructured data.

The RAG solution will enable government users to adopt GenAI securely to improve efficiency, productivity and decision-making for employees, Carahsoft said.

The product suite will be offered to government agencies via Carahsoft’s reseller partners and Information Technology Enterprise Solutions-Software 2 and National Association of State Procurement Officials ValuePoint contracts.

“GenAI technology continues to be utilized for new and innovative use-cases, and it is critical that the Government takes advantage of the technology’s potential,” said Craig Abod, president at Carahsoft and a 2024 Wash100 awardee.

“By collaborating with Pryon and our reseller partners to facilitate the rapid acquisition and deployment of its solutions, we empower agencies to efficiently retrieve answers to pressing questions from complex and scattered content,” he added.

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