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Raft Receives Contract to Support US Space Force Cybersecurity Product Lines

Contract award

Raft Receives Contract to Support US Space Force Cybersecurity Product Lines

Reston, Virginia-based technology consulting firm Raft has secured a prime contract to provide development services for the U.S. Space Force Defensive Cyber Operations for Space program.

Raft will support the Space Force‘s Manticore and Kraken product lines. Work will be done in partnership with DCO-S to develop new features and patch software packages, data analytics, data archive and retrieval and security implementation capabilities for the products, Raft said.

According to Bhaarat Sharma, the chief technology officer of Raft, the company will use its experience in building software solutions and onboarding teams to support the Space Force’s modernization efforts. Shubhi Mishra, founder and CEO of Raft, said the company produces scalable software solutions that would provide real-time impact for DCO-S.

Manticore is a solution suite that identifies cyber vulnerabilities across various programs while Kraken provides real-time cyber defenses against ongoing attacks. The solutions are being developed under the DCO-S, a budgetary program designed to protect Space Force mission systems and all associated computer systems, software applications and operational information.

The military branch requested $28.1 million in research, development, test and evaluation funds for DCO-S. According to the budget request, the Space Systems Command wants to continuously integrate improvements to the Manticore and Kraken tools and increase systems engineering and accreditation support for the solutions.

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