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Rigetti Computing to Pursue Quantum Algorithm Project Under DARPA Contract

Quantum technology

Rigetti Computing to Pursue Quantum Algorithm Project Under DARPA Contract

Rigetti Computing announced that it has secured a contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to pursue an ongoing quantum algorithm project. as part of the Imagining Practical Applications for a Quantum Tomorrow program.

Rigetti is currently developing an encoding solution for optimizing problems onto qubits through its “Scheduling Problems with Efficient Encoding of Qubits” project with the goal of solving large problems using quantum algorithms, enabling better comparisons between classical heuristic algorithms and hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and identifying how hybrid algorithms will perform at scale.

Findings from the new project, which emerged from another DARPA program, will address scheduling problems and could also have implications on supply chains, logistics missions and other industries with complex operations, Rigetti said Tuesday.

The SPEEQ project is one of several lines of effort across the government to advance quantum technologies.

In late August, the National Institute of Standards and Technology started the standardization process for four algorithms that enable quantum-secure general encryption and protect digital signatures. NIST has urged the cryptography community to submit feedback on the draft standards by Nov. 22.

In the same month, the National Science Foundation funded 18 research teams with $29 million to explore how quantum sensor technologies can be used in different applications. The teams were tasked to identify quantum sensor use cases for timekeeping and inertial sensing, astronomy support, health care, geological surveying and mapping.

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