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Space Force Sets Up Laboratory for Space Domain Awareness Tech Prototypes

SDA TAP laboratory

Space Force Sets Up Laboratory for Space Domain Awareness Tech Prototypes

The U.S. Space Force has opened a new laboratory that would serve as an accelerator for space domain awareness technology prototypes designed to protect space assets in geosynchronous Earth orbit from anti-satellite weapons

The Space Domain Awareness Technology, Applications and Process laboratory aims to increase collaboration between the industry, government and academia to speed up the transitioning of innovative SDA prototypes into commercial offerings.

Each year, the TAP Lab will choose four teams to perform a three-month work on different challenges related to SDA, threat warning and assessment and space battle management. The selected teams will have the opportunity to secure follow-on contracts with the Space Force and other government agencies, Breaking Defense reported.

Space Systems Command, together with the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, is tasked to oversee the tech accelerator, with support from Virginia Tech’s Applied Research Corp. and MITRE.

According to Maj. Sean Allen, the laboratory’s inaugural chief, the TAP lab’s efforts will help deter adversarial attacks on U.S. space assets and maintain space superiority while supporting responsible counterspace campaigns.

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