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Splunk Announces Impact Level 5 Provisional Authority From DOD

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Splunk Announces Impact Level 5 Provisional Authority From DOD

Splunk, a data and software company, announced that it has secured Impact Level 5 Provisional Authorization from the Department of Defense.

With the authorization, federal government agencies may now use Splunk cloud technology to handle data with the “controlled unclassified information” designation and below, Splunk said Thursday.

According to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Computing Security Requirements Guide, data stored at IL5 can only be processed in a DOD-controlled cloud or a federal government community cloud.

Cloud service providers are required to restrict their employees from accessing DOD and federal community information stored in an IL5 environment, DISA added.

Unlike public clouds in IL4 and below, IL5 cloud environments may not host any non-federal government tenants, including state, local or tribal governments; industry and academic partners; or foreign governments.

Teresa Carlson, president and chief growth officer at Splunk, said the company is committed to making the strategic investments needed to meet the government’s mission requirements. Carlson added that Splunk’s platform was designed to “enable data-driven decision making.”

Splunk said its platform was built to help government agencies extract insights from data to make better decisions at the speed of relevance.

The company added that its technology can help address the increasing number of malicious threat actors seeking to exploit the U.S. government’s data enterprise.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Splunk is a “data-to-everything” platform provider that offers monitoring solutions for business, information technology and internet of things data.

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