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Tandem PV Secures DOE Grant to Advance Perovskite Solar Panels

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Tandem PV Secures DOE Grant to Advance Perovskite Solar Panels

The Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office has awarded Tandem PV a $4.7 million funding to commercialize its thin-film solar photovoltaic technology.

The award is part of a broader, $71 million DOE effort to bolster the U.S. clean energy sector and promote domestic manufacturing of solar technology, Tandem PV said.

According to Tandem PV, its design, which integrates conventional silicon solar cells with thin-film perovskite materials, can potentially lead to a 40 percent increase in power output compared to existing solar panels.

Currently, the company said its panels already reach approximately 26 percent efficiency, surpassing traditional silicon panels by 25 percent, thus offering lower installation and land-acquisition costs.

Colin Bailie, Tandem PV’s co-founder and chief technology officer, expressed gratitude for the DOE’s 10th award, emphasizing the importance of such support in achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Looking ahead, Tandem PV plans to obtain independent verification of their panels’ efficiency and durability throughout 2024. Additionally, the company is developing its first manufacturing facility as research and development efforts progress.

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