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FTC Asks Tech Companies to Comment on Generative AI Investments, Partnerships

Policy inquiry

FTC Asks Tech Companies to Comment on Generative AI Investments, Partnerships

The Federal Trade Commission has ordered tech companies to explain investments and partnerships related to generative artificial intelligence.

The agency issued the compulsory orders to Alphabet, Amazon, Anthropic, OpenAI and Microsoft. Information gathered during the inquiry will be used to inform decision-makers on the technology’s impact on the competitive landscape.

Under Section 6(b) of the FTC Act, the commission has the power to perform studies to better understand market trends and business practices. The findings it gathered will be used to guide the body on future actions, FTC .gov reported.

To address emerging technologies, the FTC created the Office of Technology to ensure that it can keep pace with technological development, ensuring the agency has the needed talent and knowledge to address unlawful business practices.

With the growing use of AI, the government has been turning to the private sector to better develop policies. In December 2023, the National Institute of Standards and Technology sought public feedback on regulating the technology. Its request for information sought answers to questions involving AI red-teaming, generative AI and synthetic content management and the development of a global standard for AI development.

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